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is a young Black Canadian Actor who grew up in Montreal and was classically trained at the Ottawa Theatre School before launching his acting career in Vancouver, 2010. Romuald's most recent Television credits include "Almost Human", "Continuum" and "Capella University: The Next Level".

Continuously training, Romuald studied with Matthew Lillard and Bill Marchant while attending the prestigious Vancouver Film School's Acting Program. Peter D. Marshall, Sam Hill, Simon Barry, Nicholas Humphries, Sean Cox, Patrick Gilmore, Carrie Anne Fleming, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin and Nadine Wright of Act-2 to name a few.

Romuald Hivert is known for "driving the scene" in many diverse roles, such as a powerful businessman or a volatile thug. He appears in "Stay of Execution" as a prisoner, in "Captive" as a son, and in "Hickory" as a sniper.

Romuald's first declared fan was an 8-year-old boy, who saw him play Duane (a mischievous imaginary older brother) in "Mischief City" (a play by Tim Wynne Jones). The boy said he wanted to be just like Duane when he grows up; surprised by his fan's affinity towards the character, and the fan's apparent desire to torment a sibling, Romuald was touched.

The first professional accomplishment upon completing his theatrical diploma displayed Romuald's additional talents as a writer, director, and producer: The play entitled "Black Dove" showcased poetry, acting, and dancing at Carleton University - all in one act!

Romuald Hivert is looking forward to land his first solid lead in the next Award Winning TV Series, or in any feature opposite to Denzel Washington or Sean Penn.

Don’t look left, Don’t look right - Just one way up.
— Randall Hivert