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Romuald Hivert - Reaching the top poetry

Romuald Hivert - The seven Seas Poetry

Romuald Hivert - Noella Dubourg - My Ebony part 2


She is one of the kind woman
She is all I ever wanted
She is the most beautiful art
She's the missing piece to my heart

Sometimes I just don't realize
Because of me, rain she cries
But whenever she unfolds a smile
My days are filled with sunshine

She's a twin but not a double
She's my love and there's no other
I know she won't stab me in the back
She will never let me down like that

She is the most beautiful art
Too beautiful to be framed
She's the missing piece to my heart
Everlasting love, shall I aim

Her hair makes natural jealous
Her face makes beauty envious
Her smile is totally subliminal
Her touch makes you tipsy like wine

I love the curves of her hips
Her lips magnetize my lips
Compatible poles and souls
I love her to propose
And I love to pinch her nose

Lovely this poem is because of
How lovely indeed she is.

Romuald Hivert

You Are King!

You are King! So act like one.
You are a leader. So Lead.
Focus on the Present.
Walk with purpose and power.
Live, eat and breathe confidence.
Monitor your thoughts, filter your tongue.
Have an Agenda, Work at your best.
Time is your ally, use him wisely.

Romuald Hivert


Reaching The Top

I know success don't come over night
Watching my idols reaching real heights
Makes me want to work harder
To reach the sky
There will be times I will be alone
But I know I've got to keep going on
Even when people are pulling me down
I've got to Keep on flying
Leave them on the ground
Gravity can't hold me down
My dreams don't weight pounds
I'm dreaming and I'm flying
Some will be crying and shouting
Others will say they've had a feeling
To see me on that podium accepting
An honorable Oscar, humbled
Ready to rumble
It'll be just the beginning
Of countless blessings
From Reaching the Top.

Romuald Hivert

The Seven Seas

I searched the seven seas
For that special precious pearl
To find the love of my dreams
I sought all the kingdoms of the world

I screamed on top of mountain peaks
Only to be ridiculed by echoes
My lips encountered many cheeks
But my Vowed kiss is only yours

Unleash the turtle doves
Let it rain from above
A distinguished love
Which only you are worthy of
Deaf not your ears
You may quench your fears
Harkened not your heart
For it is safe right here

Sweet beautiful dove
This is genuine love
Our mutual bond fructifies
You'll be rich in butterflies

Your benefits summarized
Will provoke happy cries
And if you think these are lies
We might just miss paradise

Romuald Hivert

My Ebony (Part 2)

She is like the melt of caramel
Excessively worth more
Than gold and honey
She wears glamour like a uniform
Remaining nevertheless more
Pure and beautiful than nature
Her hair is like a waterfall
Of fine Cashmere
Kissed by the color of love
And lavished in fudge chocolate

Her eyes are the doors to her soul
Gazing upon such a phenomenon
Increases my beliefs in fantasies
Reeling me away from reality
Her lips glitters the face of addiction
Such a sweet drug, I am to love
Her hands entraps the formula of gentleness
A single of my Ebony princess
Sprint my heart to it's peak

Her vocal strings plays like the harp
Her laugh melodies like a symphony
Her beauty easily drunken me to attraction
How can I miss her unforgettable smile?
This event is worth the extra mile

She's smart, lovely and special
She always stands out to me
Her personality is her charm
She transpire and constant figure of power
But her heart blows off the cover
For love and kindness
Dwells in the chambers of her character

Having the opportunity to know her
Is enjoyable and honorable
It's true that Intelligence and beauty
Don't always cross the same path
But she is the exception to the aftermath
She's no rough turns
But she is a delicious definition
of what smooth curves are

She's classy and sassy
this is why, she is
My Ebony

Romuald Hivert

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Romuald Hivert - Sasha's balad Poetry

Who's The Man?

They told me a man never cries, never smiles
Don't need to have friends, to reach a goal walk ten miles
Your pain is your best friend - It's like a new trend
You're not allowed to fall or wish upon a star
They told me you're a man, so son start walking
Weakness are for women, your balls are for them
You serve: You're the man
It's wrong to love and wrong to have feelings.
But it's good to hit them and fight until the end.
They told me, be a man, be a thug and drink
Jump in oil and walk in hell, my friend.
It's OK to sink. Be a real man, stronger than ten men.
I'm a man I told them, but not Superman.
I'm only human, I fall but don't sink.
I drink with my friends and I love them until the end
I respect all women, I love my girlfriend
And God is my friend. I work for Heaven.
I'm a man, but human, I'm a man.

Romuald Hivert


I could read you a piece
of what I've written in the past
But I pray they all rest in peace
Lost with the Ghost of the past

I call upon the memories of the past
The one I had with you last night,
I'm just kidding that was not the line
Although I do wish it to be a night come true

Yeah I'm that kind, should you only test drive
You won't get much more than a pony ride.
But if you drive by, and decided to stop by,
And hop in my car, we can go incredibly far

Green lights ahead, Speed bumps to a minimum to none
I will be glued to you just like a bubble gum
My heart has become somewhat a fan of you
If not more. You mean to me, what I mean to you.

On the first day we met, I noticed your eyes first
Before I could ever notice your butt.
Although we both know that's just a pack of lies
I could only look with my eyes
And touch you with my heart.

Little bit after, I had you wrapped in laughter
Moments later, you had me wrapped around your finger.
Then you called me cute, and I basically said: CUTE?!
A dog is cute, cupcakes are cute (they taste good too)

But I'm, I'm your Babou,
And I Dido you.

Romuald Hivert

Black Dove

Be grateful for what you have
If your glass is full by half
Expect it to overflow with time.

Cherish the people you love
Give thanks to the God above
Sometimes what you have is prime.

So don't you waste your time
On small talks and vanity
Life is prettier than reality.

Living your life as a mime
Chasing after what could have been
Is like trying to grab the wind.

To pursue the past is the same
As chasing your future frame
Without giving credit to the present.

Romuald Hivert

My Ebony (Part 1)

Hidden thoughts in the chamber of secrets
Roam the parameters decorated by these
Gems and rubies reflecting the quality
Of pure beauty reigneth on the
Carefully worked sculpture weareth
The one who has found favour in his sight.

Romuald Hivert


Let me be

Let me be your shelter
Let me be your knight
Let me be your helper
Let me be your light.

Remember when I was, I used to be.
Your shelter, your knight, 
Your helper, your light.
Slowly let your memory enter our world

Can you hear the laughs we've shared?
Lost on the wings of spring’s gentle wind.
Can you smell the colours of those days?
Flowers in your hair, love everywhere

Can you feel on your skin the burning kiss
Of lust, lost in Love? Remember the tease?
Taste with your lips, and your tongue,
The joy we've shared with each kiss   

Let your mind abandon their defenses,
Close your eyes, feel each sensation,
Helpless to resist the soft and sweet temptation
Of tender memories shared in the shades of night. 

Remember when I was and I still can be
Your shelter, your knight, 
Your helper, your light.
Guilty of promises to never part
Never again shall I do you wrong
You are the best love that I've found

You are my shelter, my knight
You are my helper, my light
What must I do to prove it to you?
Let your heart re-enter our world. 

Remember. Breathe. See it. Believe it.
Trust it. Love it. Love me...

Romuald Hivert

Sasha's Balad

She has no class and no status
How dare she offend us!
We're classy and sassy,
We're bossy and busty,

I am the Goddess of Goddesses,
The fantasy that men request.
Who is she trying to impress?
She's just a sad soul in distress.

I protest to this madness
And I will not tolerate this
The knots I suppress
She knows not,

Therefore, what you know not
You speak not. Yet
She nailed my weak spot
And pierced my wounded heart.

I am that woman in distress
I am that woman, that mistress
With seduction and "let's pretend"
I latch my misery on men

Is it for a false sense of approval?
Or is it because I'm unstable?
All my relationships are unstable
Because I once believed in a fable.

A father figure I never had.
A deserting father is what I have.
I breakdown at night and cry
Tears that could never dry with time.

I nurture jealousy for these women
Who fall in love with a real man.
Yes I am destructive, still I hope for romance
I'm disruptive but all I ask for is one chance.

One chance to make things right
One chance to make it stop.
I don't want to chase the black dove.
I want to run back to the person I truly love.

Romuald Hivert

Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.
— Bill Marchant