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As a member of the audience at the Vancouver Film School showing off the student’s work, I was drawn particularly to Romuald Hivert’s performance portraying Ryan, in “Stay Of Execution”.
His character portrayal was so intense and convincing that I felt transported in his world. I felt his emotions, his pain and his rage. He brought a believable character to life effectively conveying emotions not simply through the words spoken but rather through the expression and the intensity of his eyes which even in the moments of silence spoke for him with such passion. What a treat! Thoroughly enjoyed Romuald Hivert’s performance!
— Anna Dell'Acqua
Romuald Hivert imbue and radiate the essence of any character he portrays. His ability to captivate the audience through his heart-felt emotions, his body language and connection to the characters, allows the audience members to fall in love with even the most difficult of characters. As a writer, we dream of actors who can get into the minds of our characters and play them as intended. Romuald always bring out the best and even more than we intended in characters. As a writer or director, this is all we can hope and look for in actors.
— Eliana Dell'Acqua | Writer

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.
— Unknown